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AIM AI Intelligent Product Suite

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Enterprise-Class Chatbot

Single platform for your Bot Collection facing multiple channels, multiple audiences under high security standards but handy control on content delivery.

It enables your business to be connected with your official channels as well as common social platforms like WhatsApp, WeChat and Instagram, interacting through humanized bot on behalf of your brand.

You can train your bot with zero technical skills, for ever growing intelligence.

Chatbot Management Console (CMC)

  • Easily manage your Bot with a visual management panel that allows you to view chatbot performance and control chatbot behaviours. 


Orchestration (ORS)

  • Improve your Bot with latest artificial intelligence model. Coordinate your system and meet performance targets using minimized cost.

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Integrated Livechat

Livechat and Chatbot are fusion to deliver your customer service strategy along the digital transformation, in balance of customer satisfaction, AI-driven automation and optimization know-how.

Enterprise grade features, security and reports & analytics combined to fit various business goals.

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Video Conferencing for servicing and selling

Our Video Conferencing application facilitates endless possibilities to enhance productivity of your valuable expertise resources and travel time and cost saving. Video conferencing is a powerful tool and should be applied in strategic use cases, including critical customer service situations or as an effective channel in your digital marketing go to market strategy.

Our Video Conferencing application is fully integrated with our chatbot and livechat platform thus allowing a single management point of view to your entire digital channel.

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Data Privacy Protector

Break free the cloud services capability with AI
Momentum's Data Privacy Protector application. How to protect your client's data privacy has always been one of the most intensely discussed topic while trying to tap into the powerful capability of various cloud services on the market. Our Data Privacy Protector protect your client's sensitive data at where the cloud journey begins by applying AI capability to the client data.The end result is safe client data for cloud services while maintaining the original context. The potential of client data is thus fully enabled. 

Machine Reading Comprehension

A pre-trained machine learning model that allows system to read and understand questions as humans. Deliver good responses and relevant information against inquiry from different materials.

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Strategic Partner 

We work together with Dynatrace to make software work perfectly.


Provide all the AI technology and knowledge you need.


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