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Re-define the impossibilities "

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Our Current Products


Chatbot is powered by AI that allows you to interact with the customers via a chat interface.

Live Chat

LiveChat creates the possibility of chatting with your customers in real-time via a chat window placed on your website, in your product or in a mobile app.

Voice Bot

A voice chatbot enables users to accomplish tasks on these devices hands-free.

Our Solution and Capability


  • Our Robotic Process Automation helps turning chat in ACTIONS
  • Transaction or Service Execution without system integration

Voice Bio-metrics

  • Authentications and Identification over voice
  • Highest level two Factor Authentication
  • High Risk Transaction over phone

Voice Compliance

Transcription and phonetic indexing

  • Compliance Requirement
  • Automate Fraud Detection

Providing Entreprise-Grade Chatbot

Supporting both on-cloud and on-premises

About AIM

At A.I. Momentum, we empower every customer into data-driven intelligent enterprise.

The pursuit of AIM is to apply cognitive computing in the business practices